11 Sept 2014
Everyone was up early to pack up the cars ready for our road trip to Palm Springs. The boys were hyperactive with excitement about going on holiday and my job was to keep them occupied and out of the way while the cars were being packed. It was harder than I thought it would be!


But soon we were on the road and only a little behind schedule. Coffee was a priority so we stopped at a cafe run by Aussies. Real coffee at last! Banjo snoozed in the car which left Bernie, Dave and I to catch up. Fox and Pepper chatted away in the back of Sonya’s car with Jo keeping Sonnie company.

We passed through sub-urban sprawl against which all other sprawl is measured, (to quote the Lonely Planet), into a rocky Luna landscape. In no time we found ourselves in a lush green oasis, with willowy Palms against a rocky mountain backdrop. We passed furniture stores, fashion stores and caught glimpses into mid-century modernist homes. We loved it immediately.

The house we’re renting couldn’t be more perfect. We buzzed around exploring all the rooms and the different areas in the garden. Inside it’s all tonal neutrals, muted colour, brass and shag pile. Outside is an oasis of sparkling water, lanky palms, succulents and boulders skirted by combed gravel. There is a putting green, giant chess and a fire pit. It’s just perfect.

There will be around 12 of us here for Sonnie’s 40th Birthday (plus 8 kids under 5)  somehow this 6 bedroom place should be large enough – is any house large enough for 8 kids? Dave and I have a private room and ensuite in the annex away from the main house.

Sonya and I played pool games with the kids while Bernie, Dave and Jo went shopping for supplies. “Do you want to see what a thousand dollar shop looks like?” Asked Bernie returning with the first arm load of grocery bags. Sonya had wondered why it was taking them so long. The kitchen floor filled up with plastic bags of supplies as the car was unloaded. Jo had splashed out and bought us a load of Moët. What a generous treat!

Kelly, Paul, and their two kids Gracie (6) and Roman (5) arrived in time for the kids dinner. They arrived in LA a week before us and had been to San Diego. Needless to say, once the kids were in bed, the evening was spent swimming, drinking and eating. Happy chatty giddy dizzy bliss.

4 thoughts on “PALM SPRINGS

  1. A thousand dollar??? Well I guess that’s all right with all those people for a few days. Who does the cooking? David should be good at feeding so many people. He could probably just cook an ordinary meal. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in this house sometime.




  2. The house sounds perfect. I can’t help a grin when I think of you sand dave surrounded by kids. A good experience for you both. A little window into what your parents and sister go through but I have found it all worth while. Nothing nicer than the me time when they all go to bed. Love your blog, your descriptions are fabulous. Dad wants to know how to put photos up like on this post, like a collage.


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