23-24 Oct 2014
The next couple of days were spent catching up with work colleagues, so we went our separate ways and meet up to swap stories at the end of the day. I had lunch with the colleagues from my London days, while David had drinks with the Fireman Sam production team. It was good to see some of the old gang again. 

The following morning I went to meet the HASSELL London team, whom I have spoken with and emailed, but not yet met. Jammed into a tube, squashed up against a pole, I thought “why did I agree to a 9am meeting?” I should know better.  But it was another moment to remind myself of the realities of living in this dynamic city. 

The studio is significantly smaller than our Sydney studio, but it immediately felt familiar with its similar fit-out and design work on the walls. I had hoped to meet Felicity and Nasim in particular but it wasn’t to be this time. 

I ran through a professional development workshop with the team and then we had a working session on one of their large projects. It was easy to slip back into the flow. I enjoy this particular subject matter (workplace strategy) so it didn’t feel like working at all. 

I met David for lunch in Côte in Soho to relive another weekend ritual. I’d been remembering this meal for five years- is that ridiculous? It wasn’t exactly the same as after all these years, but I still enjoyed it.

After the meal we ambled down Wardour St and through Soho past the adult bookshop, French bistro, pubs, and past the street market as it packed up. Down Regent Street we crossed to Piccadilly and went into Waterstone’s, a 5 story bookstore!  Later we popped into Fortnam & Mason’s, a department store since 1707, looking for a thank you gift for Rebecca.

The days are flickering by! How do we slow time down? Do more or do less in the day? 

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