5 Jun 2021. Enchanted Forest Walk,  Cradle Mountain. Tasmania  


“It’s snowing” he whispered. My mind surfaced and I opened my eyes. Blinking into the morning light, my eyes found the window to see a light sprinkle of snow falling through the forest. 

I took a quick photo of Kenny dusted in snow, while David cooked eggs. 

By the time we’d finished breakfast, the sun had chased the snow away and the forest came alive in the sunshine.

A chatty flock of currawongs hung around our cabin for a few minutes, encouraging us to come out and feed them. I resisted. The people in the neighbouring cabin didn’t and they were mobbed by these somewhat intimidating birds.

5 Jun 2021. Forrest walk in the rain 

The rain was back. It was freezing but there was no snow today. Maybe tonight, says the forecast. I hope so. 

In the mood for a short walk, we drove to Cradle Mountain Lodge and parked at the Tavern. We stayed here in 2018 for our 20th wedding anniversary, and for the honeymoon before that. So its fair to say this place has a special significance for us. 

The Enchanted Forest walk starts behind the tavern on a raised boardwalk that leads down to the shallow Pencil Pine Creek, carving through a mossy forest. Even in the rain, everything was a lush vivid green. 

Wondering into the forest, we fell under its spell. It’s so beautiful, it doesn’t look real.  

Progress was slow as we took it all in. 

“Listen…” David said with a quiet smile. I tuned in. Wet. The running river. Rain drops on my hooded jacket. Wind in the canopy. Messy, damp and alive. 

I breathed in a great lung full of the forest air. We were in no rush. This walk is not about distance. It’s about being here in the forest. Here. Now. 

Wait, we’re ‘Forest Bathing’! In the rain.   

There is something restorative about spending time in a lush forest like this. Especially if you slow down and just… absorb.

We slowly made our way along the boardwalk and inspected the delicate details. I looked up, and saw a furry pademelon grazing right there. Being quiet and slow, he hadn’t been scared off. We watched him for awhile. So cute, I wanted to cuddle him. 

A pair of huge wombat holes, delicately adorned with a wild garden, buried into the side of a hill. Sadly, no one seemed to be home. We haven’t seen a wombat yet, this time. 

David noticed a rough track through the the forest and went to investigate. He found a sign for the ‘Pencil Pines’ walk. It wasn’t on my map but we decided to follow it anyway. It was time to get moving and stretch out the legs.

Pink ribbons tied around trees guided us through the forest. The colour really stood out amongst the green. 

“Should we try a painting session?” David wondered. We looked around. It was tempting, being such a beautiful place. But it was raining, cold and the ground was wet.

“Or…” I wiggled my eyebrows, “we could have burgers and beers at the tavern! By the fire. And maybe sketch at home” 

He chuckled with glee, and so did I. 

“We can come back another day, when it’s not raining” we agreed and turned back, to hike down to the river in the pouring rain.

The Tavern has been renovated recently, it’s much bigger than before with plenty of room. We found a nice table by the window and ordered up. 

There were no burgers on the menu today! But my disappointment evaporated as soon as I laid eyes on the fish and chips! 

Is there anything more satisfying than Fish n’Chips by the fire, after a day in a wet rainforest!

3 thoughts on “ENCHANTED FOREST

  1. This is my kind of walk but not in the cold rain. It is beautiful and a lovely place to forest bathe. The fish and chips on a rainy day is my idea of a perfect lunch but it is sunny and warm here even though its winter. Too nice to be locked up. We are having warmed up left overs of Butter Chicken and rice.

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  2. This looks like fairy land … my imagination was taking me to the corners of your photo’s to see whether I could find the fairies 😊. Such a beautiful walk – and you’re absolute right, sometimes you just need to embrace the moment … love it!
    And fish and chips by the fire – perfect!

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