12 August, 2014
After months of dreaming about it, I find myself at the starting point of our big adventure; meanwhile Dave is soldering towards his final film score deadline.

We both love our careers (me, Interior Designer: him, Composer) they are equally creative, challenging and rewarding. But as with all project based work, the effort of cramming an unruly creative process into the confines of a tight program can be exhausting. It’s a good job we love it- which perhaps explains the level of energy we’re prepared to invest!

For years we’ve been operating with this level of intensity, so when an opportunity presented itself to take an extended period of leave, we pounced on it. David has a window of time between the end of one series, and the beginning of the next. HASSELL were amazingly understanding and supportive about letting me take six months of unpaid leave, which makes me love my work even more.

I’m calling it my ‘Fauxternity’ Leave. Besides, you only live once. 

We’re going to spend part of the time travelling and part of it at home in Sydney; I want to spend time drawing, painting and languishing in a Sydney summer. I don’t want to look back at this time and feel that I’ve wasted it, or wonder what it achieved. It’s not often in life that you get an opportunity to pause and hit the re-set button. Setting goals and keeping a journal should help. Yeah yeah even on holiday I need to have a strategy- what eves.

Mini travel manifesto:
– To be both stimulating and relaxing: go slow and have time to take a day off from exploring.
– Seek out interesting art exhibitions and contemporary music performances
– Spend time sketching and drawing 
– Reconnect with friends in each location
– Eat well and excercise

4 thoughts on “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE

  1. You two made a great decision to travel around the world. Mum and I did it in 1970 and never looked back. They say travel broadens your horizon and it sure does. Enjoy every minute of it.

    Lots of love,


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