16 Sept 2014
“It’s ludicrously stylish.” Dave chuckles as he’s wheels our luggage through the elegant foyer of the Parker Palms hotel.
“This is going to be my all-time favorite hotel.”

I’ve already made my decision and we haven’t yet seen our room. 

It’s the perfect mix of mid-century and desert modern without feeling like a replica. It’s all in the details: interesting lighting, kooky ornaments, velvet, leather and pattern. Perhaps it’s the knights in armour that add to the relaxed and not taking itself seriously, atmosphere. We love this place. 

Our room is equally stylish. It’s dreamy white with modern-tribal accessories, black and white photos and artwork. We have a white four poster king bed, a patio with our own private hammock strung between palms. I’ve taken a load of photos so I guess I don’t need to describe it, you can see for yourself. 

That evening our dining choices were limited to room service or Norma’s, the casual dining restaurant. The fine dining restaurant is closed until our last night here. The stroll through the grounds to Norma’s wound through a labyrinth of landscaped garden paths revealing secret sitting areas, hammocks, a fire pit, croquet and water foundations. Although, we couldn’t linger in the garden, it was 42C and the air was thick and heavy with heat. 

We virtually had the restaurant to our selves and spent the evening remembering the highlights of the last few days and planning what to see and do in Palm Springs. David is taken with Palm Springs. He didn’t expect much other than the heat, but he’s finding it interesting. Let’s ask him:
“What do you think about Palm Springs, Dave?” 
“It’s very interesting,” His eyes gaze out the window as he thinks about my question. “And alien. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before” he says. “It’s more than just a party place. It would have been easy to write it off as being too hot to visit, but that would have been wrong.” 

This morning after breakfast we caught a taxi to the Palm Springs Art Museum. While we were waiting for the taxi, a guest who was leaving the hotel came up to me and said, “I over-heard that you’re going to the art museum, here’s some free tickets” 
“Oh, wow thank you so much, that’s very kind!!” We exclaimed as he turned and walked away. Later Sonya told me that the heat brings people together. Ha! I think she’s right. 

As we climbed the steps of the gallery in the searing heat, I wondered if the ‘free tickets’ were genuine but sure enough they were. We stepping into a large atrium that revealed three levels of art and headed to the top floor to work our way down. We really enjoyed the gallery. I particularly loved the gorgeous mid-century sculpture. Barbara Hepworth is my hero. There was a fascinating Henry Moore piece and an interesting Native American gallery. 

It was disappointing that the cafe was closed (for September) so we decided to be brave and walk a few blocks to the main strip. Wow. That was an experience. It was, well, hot. (It’s 43C/ 109.4F) But we didn’t have far to go before we found an air conditioned diner and settled into a shiny red booth to order a light lunch. We shared a salad and made a mental note to do this more often. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the room and planning the next leg of the trip- driving to LA. 


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