19 Sept 2014
We plan to visit the modern art galley in every city we visit, and we’ve been looking forward to exploring the Los Angeles County Museum of Art since booking the trip! 

After a few false starts, today was the day. 

After a stylish breakfast, we jumped in an Uber taxi: we’re still marvelling at how cheap Uber is compared to regular cabs, and it’s a much nicer experience. Looking at the map of LACMA, I was impressed with the size of the place. There are six or seven buildings that make up the museum. Some were closed for renovations or were dedicated to members only events but still there was plenty to see. We made a beeline for the mid-century modernism gallery, in keeping with the theme of things so far. I was thrilled to see that some of my all time hero’s were represented. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

After a light lunch at the cafe we decided the Japanese pavilion looked interesting. Actually the I found the architecture more interesting than the collection, with the exception of the Netsuke gallery. I must read that book Mum has told me about. What was is called Mum?

The pavilion had an interesting interior, reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper screens. The inside facade felt like folded rice paper. Dave was chuffed to find one of the Kamisaka Sekke prints from his woodblock collection on display. 

A writer friend of David’s is in town too so they arranged to meet for dinner. Jon, Dave’s younger brother suggested the Rainbow Bar and Grill as a local venue. It’s basically an hard rocker vibe filled with crusty old rockers. So perhaps not the best fit for an English composer and an Australian writer! Dave told me later that Jonny was in big trouble for that particular suggestion. Chuckle. 

Meanwhile I went to Sonya’s and Bernie’s place to hang out. We all went to the pet store because Sonnie is looking for a bigger tank for Jose, the turtle. My job was to distract the kids and stop them from breaking anything or hurting themselves. Again a challenge for my inexperience. But they were pretty good and we managed. All I can say is thank goodness they didn’t have any pet spiders, because Fox worked out I am scared of them and Was insisting on seeing them. 

While Bernie and Sonya cleaned the turtle tank I played with the boys. It was fun, we jumped from one activity or game to the next never stopping for longer than a few minutes on each: trains; cars; police rescue; super hero masks; treasure map; drawing; craft…  I realised this is the key to keeping them interested: fast paced, ever-changing fun. Phew! 

Once they were in bed, and Bernie had left for his gig, we had a moment to catch up over Indian take-out. Mr Fox was still awake and calling out at 9:30pm. Too much fun too close to bed time. 

4 thoughts on “LACMA

  1. I just found that I can comment using my google account too. I remember some of those art works from when we were there last time. No pictures of the netsuke. The book is called ‘ The Hare with the Amber Eyes” can’t remember the author’s name. It is a must read.


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