05 Oct 2014
We took a day off from our holiday yesterday. Life’s tough when we need a break from our break! Slept in; hung out in a cafe; caught up on the travel journal; Walked back into Georgetown for a delicious lunch; a sneaky afternoon snooze; couple of drinks at the bar. 

Today however it was back to the business of exploring this broad, short, neat and mainly symmetrical city, starting with the Capitol Building. Turns out it’s closed on Sundays. Doh. “Okay, the American History Building then.” I suggested, I’d read somewhere that it was one the best museums.

I must have been mistaken. How do I put this tactfully? We were not inspired by this museum. There seemed to be significant renovations going on with areas closed off and those that were open were looking tired and not particularly inspiring or inventive. The transport section was interesting to a point. But we expected more of the American Stories gallery.  I mean you’d think Dorothy’s magic red shoes from the Wizard of Oz could be fabulous, right? We’d seen them advertised on banners outside. But they are displayed like so: 

But it was when we found ourselves looking into a glass case at a 2001 camcorder that we called it quits. Back out in the sunshine on the Mall, people were playing sports in the fields, having picnics, and strolling about. We joined them and aimlessly strolled east along the mall. 
“Let’s go back to the Art Gallery, have a coffee and then see the East Building” David suggested. 

Not so perfect. The East Building is all but closed for three YEARS for renovations. The atrium sculpture gallery was open however. 
“Are you joking?!” It’s just not our day. There was only one thing for it:
“Old Ebbitt Grill” we said in unison! And a giggle of delight. 

It’s Sunday afternoon, perfect for a late lunch over a glass of wine. It took about 25 mins to walk there from the East Building. And it wasn’t long before we nestled into a tweed booth in the hunting lodge styled back room. And this is where we whiled away the afternoon, laughing and talking, drinking and eating too much. 

After lunch David said to me, opening his notebook, “I’m going to draw you, my beautiful Wife”. Aww that’s romantic I thought, straightening up and looking into the distance, until I remembered that he has painted me before, and well, it was not what you’d call…flattering. 

“I was trying to capture the sparkle in your eyes” he snickered.
“Were you, just.” I giggled. 

The long walk home helped us digest and sober up; we have to pack tonight. 
Tomorrow: New York, New York!

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