09 Oct 2014
“If we lived here and had a day off, what would we do today?” I asked Dave experimentally. He put down his coffee before answering. 
“Hang out in the Park, in the sunshine”. 
“And read the paper, sketch a little.” I added. 

After a disappointing breakfast in a diner, we set off down W 72nd street towards the Park. 
“That’s enough eating in 70’s diner’s now” said Dave. “We’ve tried all of the dishes we wanted to try: Matzoh Ball soup, The Reuben, Turkey club, Cheeseburgers.” He listed. 
“New York Cheesecake; Pumpkin Pie” I added nodding. 

I’m fascinated by the architecture in Upper Eastside. Today would be John Lennon’s birthday, and as his house is only a few blocks away, we thought we would walk past. The Dakota, on the northwest corner of Central Park West and W 72nd Street, is an architectural landmark. Its German Gothic style makes it a standout amongst its neighbours, particularly the 1960’s apartment block behind.

A small crowd of people were milling around the entrance on 72nd Street, on the spot he was murdered by a crazed fan. I felt sympathy for Yoko and her children at that moment.  Across the road, in Strawberry Fields, the memorial was covered in a ring of flowers. People were milling around, a guy was playing guitar and singing Beatles songs. A police officer stood nearby. 

We continued deeper into the park, collecting a detailed map from a kiosk on the way. The Sheep Meadow looked like the perfect spot to hangout and we were soon set up with the paper in the early autumn sunshine. We chatted, read a little, and idly people-watched.

The Meadow steadily filled with people through the day. Two guys were playing with a frisbee. One would flick the ring into the air and we watched as it sailed across the field into the hands of his opponent. Under a tree a fashion shoot was underway, and tourists lay strewn over the lawn like flotsam and jetsam. 

I was in need of stretching out tired muscles so spent half an hour doing yoga while David layback in the grass contemplating a snooze. In this meditative state we both felt relaxed and in-the-moment. Appreciative to be here, to be doing this. A smile spread across my face as these thoughts occurred to me.
Sheep MeadowThe Sheep Meadow

We picked up some groceries on the way home for dinner and spent the evening relaxing and listening to the War of the Worlds album. David’s been reading about early synthesisers and it put us in the mood for returning to this album. 

Really looking forward to the Empire State Building tomorrow. I haven’t been to the Observation Deck since 1988.

Dawn, from our room.


  1. I love the question “If we lived here and had a day off, what would we do?” I think taking the time to appreciate the everyday is just as meaningful and fulfilling as running around to tourist attractions.


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