28 Oct 2014
While David spent time sitting in on a voice-recording session for Fireman Sam, I spent time planning the next leg of our trip: Northumberland and Scotland! I love these sort of days: researching, strategising, organising. I think I enjoyed using my brain in a similar way to when I’m working. 

“Even if we won the lottery, I think I’d still like to work a few days a week.” I confessed to David upon his return.

As we’re leaving London tomorrow (already?!) we visited my Aunty Ann to say good-bye. We love Ann, she’s always ready for a lively debate. We arrived with the ingredients for dinner as  David loves to cook. Sipping Prosecco we chatted and reminisced while Dave cooked up a storm. It was a lovely evening. 

“We’ll see you in Adelaide one day!” 


  1. It’s always a little sad to leave a place you love. We are about to do the same. We’re on the way to L.A. in a few hours.

    Looking forward to your Scottish posts, aye!




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