06 Nov 2014
Who’s idea was it to climb a Munro?
Stiff and sore legs as expected
It’s a reminder of a great day.
Raining today also as expected
We need a sitting-down-kind-of-day
A Sunday drive to see some waterfalls, in the rain
And lunch in a cosy pub, with a fire

Drove through a beautiful golden forest 
On a tiny single-track road, following the Loch
Parked and climbed into the new waterproofs
This will be a good test; in the rain, on a short walk
We’d picked an ‘accessible’ walk, a one boot walk, an easy walk,
To stretch out tired muscles
It was perfect

Back in the dry car we continued around the loch 
Out of the golden forest into sienna hills
I spotted a lookout and pulled into the emerald park
The rain had eased
Standing on timber benches so we don’t sink 
We looked out over the loch and at the hills sweeping around
Such a beautiful country, even in the rain

Onwards to Glen Coe, to the broad roadside waterfall 
Driving back through the same road as yesterday
The mountains were transformed 
Hundreds of falls streamed down from the peaks
White ribbons of water surrounded us
Rain lashed against the windows

At the falls we climbed back out into the rain and walked to the viewing platform
Other people came and went, not lingering in the wet
In our toasty-dry waterproofs we stayed longer
Feeling a little smug, I admit
Soaking it all in

David had found the perfect pub for lunch
Glen Coe Inn, hidden in the valley by a flowing stream
We’ve been here years ago, with my sister Sonya, and her friend 
I remember I was too sick to walk and so the boys took her on a hill climb
“Let’s climb up there” pointing to the nearest hill
No path, they just climbed straight up. 
That would have been hard. 

Walking into the pub at 1pm on a Sunday, we had the place to ourselves
What a surprise. I had to ask to be sure they were open.
We picked the booth closest to the fireplace
I stood inches away, warming my hands and drying off
Dave ordered food and drinks at the bar
More people joined us and the energy picked up
REM played in the not so distant background
We spend time inspecting the maps, writing in journals
Connecting to wifi, unsuccessfully. Again.

By the time our meals were served, 
A couple with a drenched little black dog came in
The lady encouraged the dog to sit near the fire to dry off
The dog sat her body near the fire
And looked longingly at David’s Haggis
Her black eyes watching every mouthful
Her black eyebrows lifting with each fork full
It was both adorable and a little unnerving
She only looked away, to look at my chips

I donated my unfinished chips to her
She looked at her owner first
Then happily scarfed them down
Bright eyed and tail wagging
I got chatting with the owner who told me the dog’s story
It brought tears to my eyes

She was a rescue puppy
For the first three years of her life, she lived in a cage
She was a breeder, litter after litter
In a cage.
They’ve had her for 2.5 years now and had to teach her
How to play.
She had enjoyed the walk they had just done
Bounding around working out what her body can do

Now her job is to go to retirement villages 
To be patted and loved, all day
To make them happy
This makes me happy
“Now you have a good life” I said patting her black head 
She lifted her chin so I could pat her chest
So gentle and affectionate

Her owner says she doesn’t expect anything 
And if you give her something she can’t believe it’s for her
Like how she watched us eat without coming one inch closer
The dog I grew up with, Ricky, would have his chin on the table
His big wet nose in your plate.
I looked at these people, who had rescued her
With enormous admiration and respect

Back home in time for a Sherry for me and Whiskey for him
In the guest lounge.
Planning a big walk tomorrow 
Hope weather improves 

2 thoughts on “WATERFALLS IN THE WET

  1. Love the dog.
    Looks like the weather there is just slightly better than here. Today it was -4 Deg C during the day in the Country and Western Music Capital of the world. Tomorrow we’re on the road to Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains. Weather forecast -3 Deg C. About a 5 hour drive.


  2. It is beautiful even in the rain . I think you are mad walking in that weather but I know you like it. The nw waterproofs sound good but what do you do with them when you get back to the car? A nice warm pub and friendly dog was a good way to finish the day.


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