08 Nov 2014
“Skye, you have some big shoes to fill!” I said thinking of Glen Coe as we pulled out of Fort William and headed towards the Western Highlands. I was finding it difficult to imagine how Skye could be better than Glen Nevis and Glen Coe. But according to my Scottish friends, and the Scottish Lonely Planet, the Isle of Skye is something special.

Route from Fort William to Portree, via Eilean Donan Castle.

Route from Fort William to Portree, via Eilean Donan Castle.

To break up the drive, we stopped into visit Eilean Donan Castle.

Our home for the next nine days: Peinmore House, in Dalsie, a one bedroom apartment. It’s just south of Portree in the middle of the Island and should be a convenient base. It’s perfect for us, it has a little kitchen and even a piano. Even the wifi is a decent speed. We bubbled with happiness when we discovered the bed is a Temper mattress.
“Let’s stay here for a year!”
As soon as we had moved in our luggage, David headed for the kitchen and cooked us a delicious roast chicken dinner. Ah home cooking at last!

Nothing other than a day spent at ‘home’ planned for tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “ROAD TO ISLE OF SKYE

      • Curious and coincidental to me that you, out of a limited number of blog posts, have included Eiger-Jungfrau and the Isle of Skye.

        Because I have a character from Portree who has been working eight years in a Grindelwald bakery. His pleasure is hiking, not climbing. If this short bit of writing might interest you, I’d be pleased to share it. For the record, I live in the Jungfrau-Interlaken region–it has charmed me beyond belief.
        This is a link to summaries of the Crystal Vision story–I call it a landscape story it is fiction based on fact. The summaries are from beta 2. I am now on beta 5.

        In Episode 6, the Portree character takes the protagonist on a hike from Grindelwald to Grund, on to the Gletschschlucht along the edge of the Unterergletscher, at the base of Eiger up into the Lower Ice Sea. Interested? No obligations. Just for some fun reading, if you like.


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