27 Nov 2014
For our last day in Paris we decided to explore deeper into the Latin Quatre. David had read about a local farmer’s Market at Rue Mouffetard, and we decided to investigate. But first the Lonely Planet mentioned the narrowest street in Paris which was a couple of blocks away from our hotel. David was curious to see it. 

What a disappointment. It was nothing more than a simple pass-through between two buildings. He stood there a moment, bewildered. “Why would they suggest coming to see this?” He said with an edge to his voice. I started to giggle and found it impossible to stop. He looked equal parts forlorn and annoyed. 

The narrowest street in Paris.

The narrowest street in Paris.

Heading south east we climbed the hill up to Place du Pantheon and crossed to the beautiful Saint Ettienne-du-Mont, a Catholic Cathedral. Inside is a pair of ornate stone spiral choir screens. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

At the back of the church a man was on his knees in the isle, crying and praying; pleading with God. It was extremely emotional to witness. This man was clearly in distress. 

An usher approached us and the other people in the church, asking us to leave because an event was soon starting. As we left, I looked over to see the usher close off the isle right in front of the pleading man’s face. We couldn’t believe it. Why didn’t the usher offer him some comfort, or take him to a private corner of the church? 

Back out into the streets we turned down Rue Descartes, a narrow street lined with Bistros, Boulangeries, pubs and bars. It was filled with young people, students and workers on their lunch break. 

Soon the street closed in and turned to a cobblestone lane as we approached the market area. It was a gourmet delight, with Fromageries, Boucheries and a wine merchant. 

David was flagging by now and suspected he was getting sick so we cut the day short and headed home out of the cold air. But not before joining a long queue for a French cheese and salami baguette. 

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