16 Dec 2020

We were looking forward to reaching Brisbane after nearly a year of separation from our family, so we planned to drive the 375km in one day, stopping every couple of hours for a rest.

“How was the food?” Asked the waitress. Dressed in floaty bohemian layers of a crochet dress and yellow silk shawl. We’d stopped in Tenterfield for coffee and were distracted by a mushy pea pie.

“Great, thanks!” We said in unison as she picked up a sack-style handbag, draped over the seat of a neighbouring table.

“So these are my Joeys…” she said casually as she unwrapped the blanket. Out popped a tiny pair of soft floppy ears and big brown eyes. A tiny Joey! She handed the bundle to me to cradle while unwrapping the second grey joey. They were 9  and 7 months old. And so adorable. I didn’t’t want to give her back.

This bohemian woman is a Foster-mum for joeys and has been for 20 years. She raises them until they reach a certain weight, until they can feed themselves.  

I was in love with them!

For the rest of the day we watched the shifting landscape and cloud-show as the the Everest ate through the miles. The drive seemed to pass quickly, and we made good time.

This is Big Sky Country.

It was mid-afternoon by the time we approached the outskirts of Brisbane from the South West. The navigation system abandoned us and left us to figure out how to get across the city by relying solely on traffic signage. Old School. 

Finally. We were home and hugging Mum and Dad! 10 months between hugs is a long time. We were so relieved to have made it back into the bosom of the family! 

After catching up over afternoon tea, there was one thing left to do, and that was to wash the car! Her first shampoo. 

“She’s not a show-pony” we have to keep reminding ourselves, “she’s the adventure-mobile”. But watching Dave chamois her dry (in the rain) maybe she can be both? 

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