29 May 2021

In the mood for a creative day, we packed our watercolour sketching kit, jumped aboard Kenny and drove out to Macquarie Heads, where the Gordon River meets the Ocean.

The road from Strahan passed through coastal heath, then dropped down to the edge of the harbour with views across to the mountains. Further along the peninsula we entered a lush, dense working pine forest.

Rather than driving down onto the beach and getting Kenny’s wheels dirty, we parked in the camping ground and walked through the dunes towards the beach. 

Emerging through the dunes, we found ourselves on the banks of the tea coloured Gordon River. The Bonnet Island Lighthouse stood out in bright white against the dark water and headland. 

We followed the river around to the north, keen to see where it entered the sea. I’m so glad we did!

Facing north into the winter sun, we found ourselves in a spectacularly pastel and glistening wonderland. As the river water mixed with sea water, it created a light fluffy sea foam. 

White foam and waves; silver clouds and golden light reflecting in the smooth wet sand. It was beautiful.

“Right, where shall we paint?” Wondered David out loud, looking up and down the beach. I looked toward the sun and shimmering beach and thought it would be impossible to capture.

“What about up in the dunes, looking to the lighthouse?” I said pointing back to the dunes.  

We found a spot amongst the dunes that was reasonably sheltered and settled in for an afternoon of painting. It was surprisingly easy to get comfortable in the dunes and I soon lost track of time. 

I have come to find, a quiet day outside is so much more enjoyable when it follows a big day exercising. 


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