23 Sept 2014
Hello Chicago! We’ve checked into the James Hotel and have cosy room on the 11th floor overlooking the street and city towers (Rm 1110).

It’s nice to be able to open the windows.

After settling into the room, we just started walking, no plans “let’s jut see what we see”. We headed towards the river and then down to Millennial Park and ended up coming across the bean. It’s called ‘Cloud Gate’ by Anish Kapoor 2006. It’s a massive shiny piece of sculpture and I’ve wanted to see it for years. Wow. We love it.

Watching people interact with it was interesting, people of all cultures doing similar things.
“How can something non-electronic be so interactive?” said David. “I can’t see any joints.”
“What does it do to the acoustics underneath?” He wondered as we entered under the sculpture. I loved the distorted reflections underneath.

Further along the park we came across an outdoor band shell called the Pritzker Pavillion by Frank Gerhry 2004.
“That has to be a Gehry design” It has to be, I thought. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall while we were in LA. Next trip.

We continued through a beautiful garden oasis towards the Chicago Institute of Art. Woah what a museum! It’s massive with a huge collection. We knew we couldn’t see it all in one afternoon so picked our favorite period and stared there: the modern gallery (and in keeping with the theme of our trip so far). We stayed until closing and then wondered home feeling tired, inspired and satisfied.

Here are my highlights:

After a snooze we decided to try the steakhouse attached to the hotel: David Bourke’s Primehouse. When I was here a couple of months ago, I’d been told that it was a popular steak place. We were not disappointed. It was probably the best steak we’ve had, or close to it. David had a 40 day aged ribeye and I tried the 28 day ribeye. The difference between them was significant. Next time we’re going to have the 55 day aged ribeye and split it!
“That was so good,” purred Dave “it was like the best French Steak Bernaise ever!” I overheard the couple next to us say it was the best chicken they’d ever had.

Later back in the room, we skyped Mum and Dad. I’d let it go too long between Skypes; we’ll aim for twice a week in future.

A great day today, what will tomorrow hold?

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