26 Sept 2014
“Happy Anniversary Baby” he whispered
“MmMm HmmMmm” was all I could manage through the fog of my hangover. 
We felt terrible. Who’s idea was it to drink so many strong local brews? Needless to say, it was a particularly slow start to the day thanks to the beer festival.

It was a struggle to do anything, but we were keen to get back to the Institute of Art to continue exploring and to try the gallery restaurant Terzo Piano for our anniversary lunch. We walked a different route, along State Street, we really like Chicago. By the time we reached Millenium Park I was flagging. “If I close my eyes I might actually fall asleep on my feet” I thought to myself, not wanting to dampen our special day.

We meandered through the contemporary Japanese collection and then the Art of the America’s where I discovered a traditional headdress. I was fascinated with the intricate beading and needlework, it’s surprisingly sophisticated for its time. The Special Exhibition showing was a surrealist painter called Rene Margritte, who painted strange dreams. Neither of us were particularly taken with his work and moved fairly quickly through the exhibition.

Soon enough it was time for lunch and I started to feel better as soon as I ate something. We were shown to a table by the window in the sunshine and settled into a relaxed conversation. 
“To 16 years; you’re the best wife I’ve ever had” says David raising his glass. 
“I love sharing my life with you” I said clinking glasses. 

Although we’ve been married for 16 years we’ve been together for 22 years, and Dave worked out that he’s reached the half way point – we’ve been together for half of his life now. I reached that point two years ago. We’re very lucky to have found each other: may we never take that for granted. 

After lunch we strolled across to the gardens and found a shady spot under a tree for a digestive snooze. Ah to be on holiday! The gallery was open for a few more hours so we returned to explore the Impressionism collection. Wow. I’m so glad we did, this was another highlight. The Impressionists truly were avant-guard.


  1. Uh oh you are having too much fun by the sounds. What a way to be….wiped out from too much enjoyment. I love the way you two are still romantic. Glad you had a nice day. The impressionists are great. I love their work. I went to the dentist today that wasn’t any where near as much fun.

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  2. Happy Anniversary. You both still know how to be romantic and that’s good to see. Dave is as old as my marriage, Ha! Love the Impressionist art. Keep enjoying yourselves. Greetings. Jo

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