17-18 Nov 2014
It was sad to leave our comfortable apartment and the Isle of Skye behind. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time here. But with Paris up next on the itinerary , it’s impossible to stay sad for long! 

Before hitting the open road we drove into Portree to post two boxes of excess luggage home. Novels, maps, guidebooks, CD’s, and summer clothes for the California leg. Surely now our cases will be lighter!

We split the drive back to Edinburgh into two parts and stopped in Pitlochry for the night. 

It was fun to pull into a village with no plans and walk into the first hotel we passed. The hotel is attached to a restaurant or ‘Carvery’ as it’s called. Both looked completely empty. Our simple room was up stairs carpeted in tartan carpet.
“What more could you ask for in Scotland!” 

We were tired and hungry and walked along the village high street looking for a nice place for supper. McKay’s looked warm and inviting and played cool music. We flopped down into a comfy leather sofa by a fire-place for an aperitif, and then moved to a quiet corner table for dinner. 
“It’s the last chance for Haggis!” David said deciding on his order. 

During dinner we noticed that the couple at the table near by were also Australians, and we got chatting after dinner. 

The next morning was an easy drive into Edinburgh airport to return the car, and catch a taxi to our hotel. 

David has found us one of the most interesting hotels we’ve ever stayed in! The Witchery is a restaurant with suites attached and each one is decorated differently. The hotel is on the royal mile right near the castle, in an ancient building. It’s spooky and exciting. 

We’re staying in the ‘Vestry’ suite. It’s over the top theatrical medieval glamour. It’s hilarious. The bathroom and a kitchenette are hidden behind secret doors, upholstered in the same fabric panels as the walls. The bed head is a pipe organ. “Sure, why not!” There are various ornaments and accessories around. At the press of a button a TV rises from an upholstered box at the foot of the bed. 

After time exploring the room and pointing out kooky details to each other, we headed out into the street to explore the Royal Mile. We found a corner Pub with an upstairs dining room and took a table by the window. And finally David ordered the fish and chips he’d been longing for. 

Our hotel is meters from the Castle so we wandered up to the gates to take in the view over the city. 

At the Whiskey Experience we discovered a large taste map the helps to explain the differences single malt Scotch whiskeys and they sell them in sizes ranging from single shot bottles up to full sized flagons. We selected a few from the taste map and took them back to our outrageous room for a taste test. 

Try as I might: I can nee stand whiskey. 

Later that night I had dinner with a girlfriend, Gillian,  in the hotel restaurant. It was so good to see her again and catch up. 

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